Langdle Pikes from Loughrigg

Enjoy a Relaxing Cruise

A more peaceful way to enjoy the Lake District

See the shore from Lake, instead of the other way round, with the best boat rides in the district.

You can cruise on four different lakes, and in a variety of craft. From the majestic "Great White Birds" of Windermere, to the oldest steam passenger yacht in the world, The Gondola, which has been plying Coniston Water since the 1850's

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Go on Safari

Discover the wild side of the Lake District

From Snow Leopards to cute little meerkats. In the Lake District you can get up close and personal with some very exotic creatures.


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Step back in time

Experience life in the Lake District as it used to be

The Lake District has a rich cultural and industrial heritage going back over 3,000 years. From prehistoric stone circles to Roman invaders. Relics of a lost industry on the fell side to cotton reel factories in the woods, there is something to interest young and old.

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Visit a House or Garden... or both

As though the Lake District landscape was not enough, builders and gardeners through the ages have added their own unique styles.

With its rich literary and cultural heritage The Lake District has many fine country houses, stately homes and gardens.

From the haunted rooms of Muncaster Castle, to the gentle splendour of Wordsworth's garden at Rydal Mount, there's a rich tapestry of finery for all to enjoy.

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Other Attractions

The Lake District has a wide variety of attractions. We've picked out some of the best of the ones not featured above.

See something that is not really there, or learn about the hidden history of ordinary everyday objects.

Ride a steam train, large or small, or go back to the golden age of comedy. It's all waiting for you to discover and enjoy.


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